It’s Monday & I’m Tired.

That girl has the right idea. Too bad I’m the worst at taking naps… when I take “naps”, it usually means falling asleep on the couch around 10:30pm, waking up at 11:30pm and dragging myself to bed.

These past couple of weeks have been crazy, started a new job, wrote a paper, edited stories, I’m just a wound up mess right now if I’m being completely honest. My new job has me driving a lot so let’s just wait and see how long it takes for the road rage to set in. If people weren’t so awful, I wouldn’t have to rage!

I’m sure you’re wondering, how does she read when she’s so busy?! Well, if you enjoy doing something, you’ll make time for it.  I usually try to read right before bed, it helps me relax and push my day away from my mind. The only thing about reading before bed is that you can easily fall asleep, but hey, we do what we can right?


I’m sure you’ve heard of the book called Mazerunner by James Dashner, there was a movie that was made a couple of years ago also. This is the prequel of the prequel novel. I know, a little confusing but take that up with Dashner. This book is The Fever Code by James Dashner and I’ve read 156 pages so far and it’s amazing!

Whatever he had expected, he never could have dreamed up what he saw next. It was impossible to tell its shape; the creature was wet and glistening, with patches of hair covering parts of its surface. But there was metal too- flashes of steel appendages, and sharp disks protruding from the quivering mass. Thomas watched the hideous creature push itself over the lip of the container and crash down to the floor, revealing a sluglike body about the size of a small cow. -Thomas

Scary, right? The Mazerunner movie portrayed the creatures completely wrong (just saying). Anyways, this book tells the story of how the maze was built, who built it, and why. It’s really cool because it connects all of the characters from the other books and it all just starts making sense! I’m excited to see how things piece together.

All right, that’s about all I’ve got today. Since it’s Monday, I’ll leave you with an Olan Rogers video, the master of Monday storytelling. This is my favorite story that he has shared.




5 thoughts on “It’s Monday & I’m Tired.

  1. I really enjoy prequels for that very reason! They help make stories more coherent and they help us to build the universe of a particular story in our own minds. Also, I really appreciate your Olan Rodgers gif. Olan is so underappreciated.

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  2. Sadly, I haven’t read the Mazerunner or even seen the movie. BUT my brother did both and he loved them, which is very rare in his case, which lead to countless times of him telling me to read the book. And now that I’ve found that you have not even finished the book and are so enthralled, I may really have to give them a try. And I relate to the nap thing 300%.

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  3. My job also has me on the road a lot. Road rage is something I’m great at sadly. I am a babysitter and it’s ironic because one of the girls I babysit is reading the exact same book. She loves to read.

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