Make Room! Make Room! For another book review!


It’s that time again, another book review is hurtling your way! This book MESSED ME UP. I’d like to say in a good way, I mean it’s kind of in a good way, but it just hit me so hard. This book is Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison and it’s 284 pages long.

“One time we had the whole world in our hands, but we ate it and burned it and it’s gone now.”

This is a dystopian novel takes place in 1999 in New York City about the overpopulation of the earth. The world became overpopulated because contraception was outlawed and medicine improved, so less people were dying and more were being born. It showcases several different characters with a third person omniscient POV, Andrew, Billy Chung, and Shirl. The story begins with Andrew who is an investigator but had been forced into manual police work because of the condition of New York where he lives. People live in the streets, food is scarce and therefore rationed, there are ongoing riots for food and water along with the old people rioting for their right to work. Billy Chung is a young Asian boy who puts himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is wanted for murder. Shirl is a woman just trying to make it in the rough world she lives in.

The descriptions of the squalor everyone lives in are just horrifying. People are starving to death every day, contracting diseases from malnourished, selling themselves so that they can support themselves and their family. The environment has changed, heatwaves with record temperatures plague New York City with no relief except for those rich enough to afford air conditioning.

Not the kind of world anybody would want to live in, but its so realistic that it just hits you right in the gut. The way the world is right now… it’s not promising. We are already bursting at the seams, exhausting every natural resource and destroying the soil. This book was outstanding, very well written. I always love when multiple characters stories intertwine even though they aren’t always related. This book took me on twists and turns through this screwed up world that could one day, hopefully not soon, be our own.

There isn’t really anything I can say I disliked about this book. The ending maybe.. I wont spoil it for anyone. I wouldn’t say it ends badly, just unexpected.

Overall, this book was life altering. It made me look at the world differently and with even more care than before. I think that everyone should read this book because I think it would change a lot of minds and make people more willing to go farther for the environment.



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