Wrap it up and put a bow on it!

This blog was for my fiction writing class this semester and it’s coming quickly to an end. You’d think I’d be happy but I’m actually sad. I really liked my classes this semester, I’ve learned so much about writing and I feel like I have transformed into a much stronger one. My lit class was also an exciting ride, I love learning about classic writers’ and their lives. Makes me a little scared though, I’d like to be a good writer but I also don’t want to be psychotic or suicidal…

Hopefully I’ll get accepted into the university I applied to for the fall, I really want to get started with my degree. In the meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my summer! It will consist of mostly work, a few beach trips, sleep, and cross-stitching. Work won’t be too bad though, I get to see puppies all day!

I saw the new Power Rangers movie last night with my boyfriend and let me say, it was AMAZING!! Brought back old memories, I used to love watching Power Rangers! Check out the trailer and go watch it if you’re a fan. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

I hope to do a lot of reading this summer, probably lots of poetry because I have neglected it this semester… I just wrote a paper on a book by Mary Wollstonecraft (the mother of Mary Shelley) called Maria or The Wrongs of Woman and it was life changing. I wont say too much about it, but you should look into it and read it if you are a feminist at all.

This might be my last post, but you never know, I might post more if I feel the need to vent my feelings. So stay tuned if you’re interested! I may post some poems or short stories for you guys to read…

I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!



9 thoughts on “Wrap it up and put a bow on it!

  1. Can relate to this post 100%. My boyfriend really wants to go see the power rangers movie so I am glad to hear that someone enjoyed it so much. I hope that you enjoy your summer and your cross-stitching.

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  2. My boyfriend wants to see the Power Rangers movie too!! I didn’t watch the show too much growing up but relationships are about compromise, right? And my summer will also consist of work and sleep! I hope you enjoy cross stitching! My grandma tried to teach me once but I never really got the hang of it.

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  3. I hope you get accepted in to the university you applied to, I also really enjoyed the Gifs you posted. I have been wanting to go see the power rangers moive so I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it.


  4. I hope you get into the university you have applied for and have a great summer! I felt like this class and blogging helped me a lot with my writing also. I hope your writings and poem help you when you feel the need to vent!

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  5. Great way to end you blog reviews, thats cool how you appreciated the assignment at the end of it all. Hopefully you will get in to the university you applied to, good luck and good wrap up!


  6. I completely agree about the end of the semester being bittersweet. It feels like the end of an era since I, too, am graduating this semester and moving on to bigger and, hopefully, better things. I hope you get accepted to the university you applied to. I’m definitely going to miss our fiction writing class and all of the friends that were made because of it. I really liked your stories and hope to read more of them over the summer. Good Luck!

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